Santos & Seixo ~ Fruit of Love for wine


Santos & Seixo is a project with the ambition to present high quality wines from different regions of Portugal using the best grapes each region has to offer.  

The founders, Alzira dos Santos and Pedro Seixo, brought a new look at the wines of Portugal due to their love for the wine and the passion that both nourish for traveling. Each harvest they select the best grapes frown by the most dedicated producers and passionate winemakers.  From the production to the aging in barrels in order to maintain the authenticity of the grapes. 

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Dancing Crow Vineyards


The Cartlidge-Forni Family have been involved in the Napa Valley wine industry for 4 generations. The Red Hills AVA in Lake County is know for its premium quality Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes which grow on deep red volcanic soils at high elevations (over 2000 feet). The New world style Sauvignon Blanc is not a typical style but because of unique soil, climate and altitude results in a beautiful wine with full flavor and complexity.  

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Winery On- Demuerte


Passion for wine and artistic design are the two Ingredients that are at the heart of the WINERY ON wine cellar project. A youthful and dynamic pioneering project that combines modern, up-to-date methods and craftsmanship in all their production processes. Their wines are a blend of the traditional and the contemporary and genuinely reflect the outstanding characteristics of their unique and distinct personality.  

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Les Hauts de Palette


With an area of 150 hectares of vineyards, annual production of 1 million bottles twenty employees, we develop our ancestral know-how for over 5 generations, always with the same passion and love of wine.  These beautiful Bordeaux blends come from the 8 castles that are located in the heart of the AOC terroirs that are extremely favorable to growing grapes. The family history and expertise gives us this exceptional wine to enjoy. 



Vasque de Carvalho - Port


In 2012, Antonio Vasques de Carvalho inherited his family's wine cellars, 6 hectares of very old (80+ year old+) vines in the Baixo Corgo and about 45,000 litres of old ports, (including a rare lot of 1880 Tawny Port set aside by Antonio's great grandfather, Jose Vasques de Carvalho). Winemaker Jaime Costa is in charge of the portfoli and is thrilled to have such fine and rare aged Port wines at this disposal. When you try this outstanding Port you will fall in love!

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Tenuta San Jacopo ​​


The history of Tenuta San Jacopo dates back to the early 18th century. Charming farmhouses, a cellar on an enchanting hill, preciously chiselled by avenues of cypresses, pines and oaks.  Between the classic Chianti and the Valdarno 30 hectares of vineyards, olive groves and woods regain their ancient prestige thanks to the vision and work of their family. These beautiful wines of the Tuscany region are absolutely beautiful. 

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Domaine Juliette Avril


The Domaine Juliette Avril Estate is a family-run wine estate with long running roots long and deep.  As early as 1928, before the Appellation of Controlled Origin (A.O.C.) was officially introduced, Juliette Avril's father, Jean Avril, along tiih other local notable figures, participated in establishing fundamental rules for developing Chateauneuf-du-Pape wine. Vines over 40 years old make-up this vineyard and some of the most amazing wine in the world is made from these vineyards! 



Paradisone ~ Colle degli Angeli


​​​​The wines of Colle degli Angeli were first crafted for sharing with family and friends.  They are meant to be enjoyed in the spirit of companionship and conviviality, and express years of passionate research and hard work – pages in the story of the house of Locati, doors that open onto a dream of two decades.

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Quinta Vale D´Aldeia​

Additional Information

Quinta Vale d'Aldeia – located in the Meda region in the heart of the Upper Douro – is a project born of one family’s effort and dedication, with the main aim of producing outstanding wines. 
Its location is notable for its rich and complex microclimates, meaning that the generous soil combined with selected grape varieties generate truly unparalleled yield and quality. In addition we use cutting-edge wine-production technology, so making Quinta Vale d’Aldeia one of the leading wine-making benchmarks in the Douro Superior demarcated region. 

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