About Us


Our Family

 Bonnie is a farm girl from Saskatchewan who lived south of Saskatoon until moving to Alberta with her career. Her husband Wayne is a city boy from Montreal who moved West in 1980.  He is currently working in the Oil & Gas Industry in Alberta. We married in 2010, live in outside Calgary on an acreage and now have a beautiful blended family of 4 daughters, 2 sons, 5 grandchildren. The farm tradition lives on in our household.  There is always a warm cup of coffee or a beautiful glass of wine for our friends and neighbors who stop by and always an open invitation to a Sunday family BBQ. 


“My dream is to travel the world, meet amazing wine makers & share these beautiful wines with our family & friends!”

What does Vina Sophia Wine mean?
Vina means Vineyard; Sophia means Goddess; so Vineyard Goddess worked for me. Also, my Grandmother’s name was Sophia and my Granddaughter is Eva Sophia.  It brought the world of my family together for all the generations before and after me that are in my heart! Just like the wineries that are deep in the hearts of the farmers that grow the grapevines! 


“Open your eyes, trust your instincts, look and taste and judge, and never stop learning”

Let's Get This Party Started!

It was time to lay the ground work on how I would be successful.  First I had a lot to learn about Wine! I have a background in agriculture and a love of ,geography and history and that is the basis of the wine world.  In 2012 I took the leap and incorporated Vina Sophia Wine Inc, wrote a business plan while working full time in the world of technology.  I studied wine through 

 ISG-1 & 2, WSET 3, FVS, Business of Wine, Web Design, Bookkeeping 1,2,3 But the learning never stops! I hope someday to have the time to do my Wine Masters but to be honest I am learning more from travelling and visiting beautiful people and wineries around the world!