Our Story

Vina Sophia Wine Inc.

When we put together our dream of one day importing and selling some of the world’s nicest wine; we thought of three things. First was to share the magic that terroir (the combination of terrain, soil, landscape and unknown peculiarities  in relationship to wine vines, man and the earth) can bring only to the wine from the special place of it’s origin.  Second, was to share our travels to find and taste these wines with our family and friends. Thirdly, was to pick the perfect name for our company that would capture that magic.  Vina /v(i)-na\as a girl’s name is of Spanish origin, and the meaning of Vina is ”vineyard”.  Sophia as a girl’s name is of Greek origin, and means Goddess of Wisdom.  Therefore “Vineyard Goddess of Wisdom” had the magic we were looking for in a name.  We hope you enjoy the magic of our wines and the countries they are from with 'your' family and friends!

Experience our extraordinary wine for yourself.

"Wine is a journey, and we each have our path.  My journey is ongoing, and my hope is that our paths will cross. No doubt it will be in the presence of wine."

-Rajat Parr from Secrets of the Sommeliers